A  highly diversified and enriched choice of investment solutions and strategies allows  us to meet any customer expectation  and any risk profile.

And we constantly innovate and create new bespoke products in all asset classes for our esteemed clients according to their reference values (including as well new technologies like blockchain and quantum encryption) with the possibility to implement a dedicated engagement and voting policy for those customers that should require it

Profound know-how in 

  • smart beta, 
  • ETF, 
  • real estate, 
  • alternative assets, 
  • structured, guaranteed solutions, 
  • discretionary asset management solutions, 
  • global fixed income and international equities, 
  • Integration of European and US equities, 
  • multi-asset, 
  • Emerging Markets as well as 
  • US and European fixed income instruments.

Results above well above average through

Artificial Intelligence with Human Supervision

Environmental & Social Governance



AMA Asset Management Agreement

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