Newly established

But already managing 10 Billion USD in Assets with the combined expertise of more then 60 years in this industry.

Beaufort Securitisation Holding LTD is a sister company of International Finance Bank LTD and part of International Finance Company LTD Group

                    Our Management Team

Bichara “Jean” Bechara

Mr. Bechara has over 12 years of experiences  in the Middle-East with Business bases in Syria, Lebanon, Dubai and Turkey.
He is himself a founder of three Limited companies in Germany in the field of Ex- and Import (between 1991 and 2004) mostly dealing with major German Retailers. 

He is an integral part of the Management Team of International Finance Group, since 2004 till today. He is an expert for International Relations in the Middle-East, Russia and China, in TradeStation, Multicharts, Bloomberg, Reuters. and one of the most beloved team leaders. His credo is: “without my team I would not be where I am today. I love to work with like-minded people and to realize my goals with my passion and competence. We are constantly working on different projects - mostly to achieve the best for our customers.”

He has a vast experience as team leader and manager, with trading across commodity and foreign markets, macroeconomic and risk management. He is an expert in strategy programming, optimization, scenario analysis and portfolio construction. 

 A very motivated and profit-driven individual with strong interpersonal and leadership skills

Mr. Bechara, was born 1950 in French Madagascar. Since 1970 he is living in Germany, France and Russia, 

He is a fond father of two daughters and three grandchildren.

He speaks French, German, Arabic and English.


  • Researched domestic and international equity investment managers to determine suitability for client portfolios
  • Created proprietary research models to analyze manager performance.
  • Gained valuable consulting experience by interacting with clients and research teams to achieve company’s  goals
  • Portfolio Manager for two International Finance Group managed Instruments for investment products 
  • Managed calendar spread, and inter-market relative value strategies
  • Managed internal research projects around hedge fund money flows; 
  • Developed, communicated, and traded multi-factor models incorporating market positioning, macro factors, technical analysis, and seasonal indicators 
  • Co-managed projects with International Finance Group to analyze nonfundamental drivers and advise on the sizing and timing of directional positions 
  • Assisted in the development of new portfolios and investment products
  • Expanded trading mandates and increased International Finance Bank Management’s investment universe and market opportunities

Kurt Schaller

Kurt Schaller is Director and Partner of Flambard Capital, an international investment consulting company with holdings in renewable energy, technology, data management and global trading. Kurt is CEO and Partner of MAGTOR Group a company structure incorporated in Malta that has developed an entirely new type of magnetic drive system. He is Director of Triple R Venture Establishment a Liechtenstein Anstalt and BEAUFORT-Group subsidiary holding an international trading licence for precious metals and gemstones.

Kurt’s 30 years of international experience in the telecommunications industry have included a number of executive and key management positions at companies operating multinational throughout the world. Consequently, Kurt has gained extensive experience in technology transfer, international business management, team building, company turnarounds and start-ups in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Kurt is a highly respected business, investment and management consultant specialising in technology, financial services and life science. He is passionate about addressing energy access, poverty, access and efciency in emerging markets and business addressing social issues.

Kurt Schaller has a passion for building business relationships, analysing and defining business strategies across multi-cultural lines, business re-structuring and coaching/mentoring. He possesses outstanding capabilities in structuring, negotiation and analytical thinking.

He has broad experience of advising start up and expanding companies, particularly in strategic planning, business development and financing. Kurt’s biggest strengths and primary business roles include leadership, strategy development, coaching and mentoring based on social responsibility. He also identifies, develops and closes new technology commercialisation opportunities for Venture Capitalists.

Kurt has a well grown reliable international network is born 1952 and a father of four children, enjoys to play Golf and is a Knight of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem.

Dr. Michael Herzog

Dr. Michael Herzog, PhD, MD, AAAS, founder and chairman of International Finance Group, International Finance Bank and other companies, brings more than twenty years of experience in the management of global equity, fixed-income and derivatives portfolios to the firm. Trained at the Universities of Wuerzburg, Tuebingen, Hagen and the Max Planck Institute in Munich (all in Germany) as a physicist, medical doctor and national economist he applied the extensive modeling and econophysical experience he gained during his studies there to the development of International Finance Group's INVEST SYSTEMS and later in international finance bank. 

From September 1995, when he started International Finance Group, until September 2004, the INVEST SYSTEM achieved a 24% compounded annual return after fees. Since early 1997, he has worked on several investment banking transactions to finance debt reduction for several countries as well as infrastructure projects throughout Latin America as well as satellite and telecommunications projects. 

Actually International Finance Group is heavily investing in High and Medium Technology and has diversified interests as well in financial services and banking, real estate, mining, oil and gas trading and shipping.  

International Finance Bank is instrumental in governmental funding, reducing currency outbalance and finance engineering.

Prior to founding International Finance Group, Dr. Herzog was Vice President in the second largest Venture Capital Firm in Europe and senior consultant in the third largest Consulting Group (Roland Berger and Partner,  part of Deutsche Bank) where he lead a team in Global and Industrial Strategic Practice.

Away from International Finance Group's and Tera AG as well as International Finance Bank daily business affairs, Mr. Dr. Herzog is a member of the European and Middle Eastern Council on Foreign Relations and serves as Analyst in Security in this respect.  Dr. Herzog has been a Director or Trustee of numerous civic organizations and research institutions like the Institute of World Economic Affairs and the International Strategic Research Center as well as other think-tanks.

Much of Dr. Herzog's time away from his companies’ daily affairs is spent in designing, funding and implementing projects for people in third-world countries. He has built rural elementary schools dedicated to countering the damaging influences of religious or ethnic radicalism. He has supported the construction and operation of schools in Eastern Europe and he is presently forming a charitable fund to support women acting as heads of families who have been widowed by ongoing conflicts and children left alone.

Dr. Dr. Herzog holds a Doctor degree in Physics, a doctor degree in Medicine and a Diploma in National Economy.  He had a lecturing position at the Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt. 

He was born 1955 in Madrid (Spain), father of two children, speaks fluently English, German, Spanish, Italian and French, understands Russian, Mandarin, Ivrit and Arabic and his hobby and passion is flying by himself and scuba diving.